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Lanfeust Quest Hindi Dub

Lanfeust Quest Hindi Dub

Lanfeust Quest Hindi Dub

Lanfeust Quest Hindi Dub

In the magical world of Troy, a medallion that can provide unlimited power has fallen into the hands of a hotheaded teenager. However, Thanos, a dangerous pirate, is after the medallion.
Language: French, Hindi Dub
Cast: Dan Berzenji, Tim Bandfield, Kevin Aichele, Nolan Balzer, Keenan Lehmann, Alex Goude

Rating – 5.7/10 · IMDb

Lanfeust Quest is a French comics series version of the adventures of Lanfeust. Written in Japanese reading direction, small format, black and white and a lot more distinctive style, this revised version of Lanfeust of Troy is illustrated by Ludo Lullabi.

Lanfeust Quest Review

– “Intended for a wider market, this version only hang Humor is less present, the baddest and the presence hero ‘s Hébus is almost anecdotal Critics see it as a marketing release ….
… changes to the specifics of the format make it a ‘next’ interesting for those who love this series / world which is well developed ….”[1]

– “Lanfeust Quest is not a simple transposition of the Franco-Belgian series Lanfeust of Troy Manga. While the original frame remains but Arleston and Ludo Lullabi achieve perfect adaptation taking into account the specificities of support ….”[2]

– “… Definitely adapting Lanfeust manga format is a success that we look forward to continuing to read.”[3]

– “… The authors now seem to have finished their moult transition to manga, adapting happily to the codes of shounen, that fits the character of Lanfeust and his little band ….”[4]

– “… It must be said, the designs are superb Ludo Lullabi perfectly mastered his designs and the new character design is a success no box is sloppy and rendering is very dynamic ….”[5]

In 2011, it was revealed that Gaumont Animation was developing a 26-episode computeranimated television series based on the comics for M6.[6] The following year, India’s DQ Entertainment agreed to co-produce the show.[7] Canal J joined as a broadcast partner that June.[8] In France, M6 premiered the series September 25, 2013, followed by Canal J’s broadcast on March 1, 2014, and sister channel Gulli on January 4, 2016.[9][10][11]

Australia’s ABC3 began airing an English version on July 11, 2014.[12] That same month, Disney Channels Worldwide acquired the series for broadcast in Germany, Spain, Turkey, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, the Middle East and Africa.[13] The show has also aired on Portugal’s Biggs, Singapore’s Okto and Spain’s Clan.

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Single Episodes

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720p –

EP 1 – 9 – mega / prime

EP 10 – 18 – mega / prime

EP 19 – 26 – mega / prime

1080p –

EP 1 – 9 – mega

EP 10 – 18 – mega

EP 19 – 26 – mega


Complete Pack

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Part 1 – gdtot / prime / gofile

Part 2 – gdtot / prime / gofile



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